Who We Are

Who We Are

Company Overview

Elsie Genetics is a division of Epigenetic Data Sciences, Inc., a public benefit corporation dedicated to making a direct, positive impact in the fight against disease and the promotion of optimum health by leveraging scientifically supported research as the foundation to the supplement protocols that we design.

Our Story

Elsie Genetics was established on the belief that the conventional models for exploring breakthroughs in the fight against cancer have not realized their full potential.

We strive to open a new front on the war on cancer by leveraging the vast amount of genetic and epigenetic data generated worldwide. Then, we apply that knowledge to carefully orchestrate the expression of over one hundred genes associated with cancer.

The Founder




Andrew Pollack retired from Antek Healthware in 2007 and kept himself busy by studying Data Science at Georgetown University. When his sister Eileen was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, Andy came out of retirement to help her fight her battle.

Armed with over thirty years of experience in the healthcare field and the latest innovations in data science, including working with tens of thousands of medical professionals, many of which were involved in clinical trials and studies, Andy leveraged an interdisciplinary approach to develop Indigo, a supplement protocol to fight cancer.

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