What is Indigo?

What is Indigo?

At Elsie Genetics, we want to take the guesswork out of optimal self-care. While our plans are simple to follow, it is important to understand the format, and why EG is at the forefront of cancer research.

Indigo is a supplement protocol designed to support breast health by targeting genes associated with breast cancer.

The group of genes involved are either helping cancer form and progress, or are not working as they should to suppress cancer growth. We have taken this list of genes and run it through our optimization program to give you a grouping and timing of supplements designed to target these genes and normalize their expression. The 4 cycles you go through on this plan have been created to pinpoint a specific function of cancer, giving you a 360° approach to self-care.

Indigo is designed to last you 36 days giving you 3 complete rounds. For every cycle, you will take capsules daily from the designated bottle. You can take the capsules together or apart, with or without food. However, if you have a sensitive stomach we recommend taking them spaced out with meals. We offer a monthly subscription to our product to ensure you stay on track with the protocol and have no gaps in between orders.

What Will I Receive?

You will receive one box containing four bottles, each individually formulated to target a different area of cancer growth. We all know that there is no silver bullet for cancer. At EG, we have determined that four functions have to occur in order for cancer to thrive. Attacking only one of these functions has not been proven effective. That’s why we have given you a bottle for each function, to be taken in cycles.

When you order Indigo, you will also receive a calendar walking you through your schedule and cycles.

The 4 Cycles of Indigo


This cycle targets genes that cancer cells use to evade detection, while simultaneously targeting ones that boost the natural immune system.

Hallmarks Involved: Evading Immune Destruction.


Cancer has a ravenous appetite for glucose to fuel its rapidly dividing cells. This cycle targets the genes associated with these dysregulated metabolic pathways.

Hallmarks Involved: Reprogramming Energy Metabolism.

Cell Lifecycle

Your healthy cells should have a life span that ends with a normal cell death. However, for a cancer cell, it avoids the programmed cell death. This cycle targets genes associated with programmed cell death and a cancer cells ability to evade them.

Hallmarks Involved: Resisting Cell Death and Enabling Replicative Immortality


A normal cell will divide at an appropriate speed while a cancer cell is in “overdrive” with no signals to slow down. This cycle targets genes that signal cell division.

Hallmarks Involved: Angiogenesis, Proliferation, Growth Suppressors, Metastasis.