The Science Behind EG

The Science Behind Indigo

At Elsie Genetics, we know we need more comprehensive strategies to attack a disease that has defied a cure for centuries despite modern medicine’s best efforts. Starting with a clean slate, we looked at cancer in an entirely new light. We asked the question; “Are there new opportunities, tools, or data that we could use to fight cancer”?

And while we started with fresh ideas, we knew that there were decades of data that could be looked at from different angles when combined with newer epigenetic information. We pulled the latest data science, genetic and epigenetic information and constructed a state-of-the-art database of knowledge. From this we have developed 5 new approaches that differentiate us.

Identifying Over 100 Gene Targets

By leveraging data from around the globe, we have identified over 100 gene targets. Our philosophy is to overwhelm the cancer cells by widening the attack surface. In contrast, many chemotherapy drugs target only one gene, and one of the newest chemotherapy drugs for breast cancer targets just two genes.

Targeting Both Good and Bad Genes

Cancer is not just a disease where genes have “gone bad”, it is also one where good genes stop working. Most conventional therapies only look at half of the picture. We look at the full picture and boost healthy genes while simultaneously attacking the bad ones. 

A 4-Cycled Attack on Cancer

Extensive research has identified 8 features or hallmarks of a cell that must exist to be diagnosed as cancer. While chemo usually targets one hallmark, we wanted to attack each one, developing a 360 plan of attack. We quickly discovered that one supplement formulation could not be optimized to address all 8 hallmarks. However, our data allowed us to see which hallmarks had similar genes involved and we were then able to group them into 4 distinct functions. The efficiency in our plans increased tremendously, giving us our 4-cycled approach.

1. Sustaining Proliferative Signaling
2. Evading Growth Suppressors
3. Resisting Cell Death
4. Enabling Replicative Immortality

5. Inducing Angiogenesis
6. Activating Invasion & Metastasis
7. Reprogramming of Energy Metabolism
8. Evading Immune Destruction 

Cutting Edge Data Science Technology

To reach our goal of re-regulating tumor-suppressor genes and oncogenes, we created a state-of-the-art model rooted in data science. Using innovative data science tools such as data analytics, optimization, and machine learning, we process millions of data points in global research to find chemical interactions with every identified gene. We then developed a unique algorithm to optimize the most efficient grouping and timing of supplements that are designed to move the targeted genes in the desired directions. 

Assessing Cancer as a Whole

Each hallmark is a series of events that occurs within a cell. This chain reaction of events is called a biological pathway. We look at each pathway and each gene’s role in the process. Through this process, we are able to identify dozens of additional gene targets that can be up or down-regulated to fight back against cancer.

Our Technology

Elsie Genetics’ technology is derived from our parent company, Epigenetic Data Sciences (EDS). 

EDS takes a more comprehensive strategy to attack disease. Using the newest tools available in machine learning, AI, and data science, EDS has revolutionized how research is done.  

EDS has been able to re-engineered the process of collecting data to enable an optimized meta-analysis pertaining to any specific disease. With this new process we are able to take enormous amounts of data as raw input it into our systems. We can then examine data points that show important patterns and relationships in regards to gene expression and disease.
To face the biggest challenges of our day in fighting disease, we now have the data and tools to test billions of hypothesis in hours. We can look at and make sense of genetics, epigenetics, pathology, and systems biology data.
The EDS software highlights all crucial genes that are either over or under expressed enabling disease to thrive. These become our gene targets that are again run through our software. This time, they are being run against thousands of supplements to see which can effectively push back against the dysregulation. The goal is to find targeted combinations that will interrupt disease formation and progression.
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As you can see, our protocol is a detailed and in depth supplementation plan designed for your specific needs. We are dedicated to creating a plan that can target the key genes involved with your breast cancer. We only consider reliable data in the making of these plans so we can bring as much positive impact to your life as possible. If you have ever considered using supplements as part of your breast cancer self-care routine, please explore our site further to see how Indigo can benefit you.

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