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The 4 Cycles
Dosage and Use

4 Bottles

Elsie Genetics is proud to introduce Indigo, a formulation that combines critical nutrients that have been scientifically demonstrated to strategically interact with the genes involved in cancer formation and progression. This powerful option delivers data-driven combinations to bring you confidence in your approach to self-care.

  • Demonstrated to inhibit growth of cancer cells
  • Non-Toxic
  • Manufactured in FDA-approved labs
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Less side-effects than conventional breast cancer treatments

*NOTE: Information about Indigo is estimated and is subject to change. Product descriptions will be updated at product launch. 

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The 4 Cycles

You will receive one box containing four bottles, each individually formulated to target a different area of cancer growth. 


This cycle targets genes that cancer cells use to evade detection, while simultaneously targeting ones that boost the natural immune system.


Cancer has a ravenous appetite for glucose to fuel its rapidly dividing cells. This cycle targets the genes associated with these dysregulated metabolic pathways.

Cell Lifecycle

Your healthy cells should have a life span that ends with a normal cell death. However, for a cancer cell, it avoids the programmed cell death. This cycle targets genes associated with programmed cell death and a cancer cells ability to evade them.


A normal cell will divide at an appropriate speed while a cancer cell is in “overdrive” with no signals to slow down. This cycle targets genes that signal cell division.

Dosage and Use

Serving Size: 3 capsules
Servings Per Container: 12
This protocol will last 48 days giving you 4 complete rounds of cycles.

Due to the cycled approach, you will only take one cycle at a time, starting with cycle 1.

Each cycle will be 1 serving/day for 3 days before continuing to the next.

Day 1-3: Cycle 1
Day 4-6: Cycle 2
Day 7-9: Cycle 3
Day 10-12: Cycle 4
Repeat Back to Cycle 1

You can take the capsules together or apart, with or without food. However, if you have a sensitive stomach we recommend taking them spaced out with meals.